July 6, 2017

10 Professions on the verge of 'AI Disruption'

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Fiction and other popular media has already instilled a sense of eerie anticipation among us about how AI would alter the fate of mankind. As per futurist Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity Theory, development in all verticals (including the overall development of the human race) happens at an exponential rate; as we move forward in time along that exponential graph, the rate of development increases as well. One way to cross verify this postulate is by analyzing the frequency of reported milestones. The last couple of years have witnessed some sharp developments in AI which forecast disruption in jobs.

March 19, 2017

The Nature of My Prayers

The subject of prayers change in tune to man’s needs. At a subtle level, the nature of prayers change too. It appears to mature with us and is often an invisible reflection of our persona. To not pray at all could also be inferred as a nature of prayer. The ardent believer who may never have inspected his believes in retrospect, is perhaps an innate being in nature as we know it. It is also likely that some folks never notice the changing nature of their prayers. And it is rather painful to see how people turn out to be blind followers who are easily offended.

I do not mean to hurt any religious sentiments whatsoever. With that being said I would also like to point that ‘only if your sentiments are hurt would you open your eyes to a deeper level of understanding’. There were several instances where my sentiments were hurt over the course of discussions that were biased with ignorance or based on logic or somewhere in between.

February 14, 2016

"Lone wolf on Valentine's Day"

"Lone wolf on Valentine's Day"
WTF!! Nope, you cant howl love
More like pussy of Valentine's Day
Nope,Nope Sorry, you cant even meow love
"Stray dog on Valentine's Day!?!"
Nope, they've balls to brawl for bitchy love
You, horny hyena on Valentine's Day
Plagued by rabid thirst for love
Wasted for you many a days
And you know it, ungrateful for love.
"Oh! spare a last one this Valentine's Day"
*Cupid flies away* Sorry love!!!

January 1, 2016

Review of My First Job

My voice may not be a talent to showcase (or is it?) but was it really a ‘skill in disguise’ as I claimed on a previous post? Well I guess I have to scan back a year plus off my professional life.  On to BPO – Business Process Outsourcing, I jumped in, well aware that it was nowhere near my specialization in graduation. Fresh off the 2014 batch of ‘Electrical Engineers’ form the University of Calicut, and having lost an opportunity to work at an MNC, I was rather desperate to somehow get hooked up for something that I could showcase as ‘job’ for the peering eyes around me.  
Desperate for another Job? Don’t! You might end up hands tied by unreasonable contracts. There is absolutely no need. And you really don’t have to prove anything to any ‘peering eyes’ but yourself.

November 9, 2015


Through space and time they leap
Upon themselves they heap
Random, breeding microbes
Mental dimensions they probe
Thoughts lead, feelings follow
Inside out, we're all swallowed
They haunt and as well heal
Often Sisyphean to conceal
Helpless past?, Uncertain future?
Surrender, to present picture
Thoughts then vivify
Guide, heed and purify

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Rise Against for Glory

Rise against, for glory
Erode them maggots so unholy
Victims of fallacy no more
Our unity shall burn their core
Life Sacrificed Life sacred
Time for revolutionary warheads

License to Fuck (Out of Wedlock)

Oh dear soul mate,
Causes myself to hate
To not reveal my state
Lust, it does fascinate
Foolish to suppress,
Our love, it would depress

Come, lets jump off the gates
Deviant fruits we shall taste
Hush! Don't hesitate
Our love would only levitate
Free, adventurous
Never adulterous

License to fuck (out of wedlock)

A long and happy wedlock

Dedicated to all 'CHEATING' partners... 

August 25, 2015


Victims, the venomous bite
At mercy of nights
Murderous for blood since
Pulse froze to silence
Immune to death unto destruction
Resurrection, fangs and intuition
Embodied, cursed omen
Seductive, prey on humans

August 9, 2015

My Faith in God

My faith in God, neither copyrighted software nor for single OS, neither blinded nor bonded. Principles stay in vision and not hurdle the mission. Religion, a mere debugging forum. Guiding light and not the map. Derive faith-code from MULTIPLE forums. Develop own source code - God code, using the language of love, of God to interpret. Compile with tolerance, Embed with faith and share without expectations, those religious code snippets. Live not, like dancing puppets. Explore in your religious freedom, exploit not in your religious freedom. Let fallacies fool no more. May the true true be lived and believed.

Oh Devil

God can do all the things man is forbidden to do - such as kill people, perform miracles to gratify his will, control without any apparent responsibility, etc. If man needs such a god and recognizes that god, then  he is worshipping an entity that a human being invented. Therefore, HE IS WORSHIPPING BY PROXY THE MAN THAT INVENTED GOD. Is it not more sensible to worship a god that he, himself, has created, in accordance with his own emotional needs - one that best represents the very carnal and physical being that has the idea - power to invent a god in the first place?”

The semantic meaning of Satan is the "adversary" or "opposition" or the "accuser. Satan represents opposition to all religions which serve to frustrate and condemn man for his natural instincts. He has been given an evil role simply because he represents the carnal, earthly, and mundane aspects of life.”

The Satanic Bible, by Anton Lavey